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A bustling city in the Arabian desert.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia's capital is a popular business destination and a great choice for holidays, especially if you are interested in seeing the cultural contrasts that exist in the country. Visitors can take a scheduled flight to Riyadh from London Heathrow and find themselves in the capital in around five hours.

A favourite event in Riyadh is the Annual Kings Cup Camel race. This annual event sees over 2,000 camel racers descending on a stretch of desert near Riyadh King Khalid International airport and is enjoyed by both tourists and locals alike.

The jockeys, who hope to take their camels to victory are young boys who have been trained to ride camels from a young age, so they have the confidence and ability to reach a high standard very quickly. This event is a colourful, exciting and energising time in Riyadh and is definitely a must see if you are able to be there in the winter months when it is cool enough to allow for the animals to be raced.

Another annual event held in the city is The Janadriyah Festival, which usually runs in February. This is a spectacular display of culture, art, history and heritage that sees everyone involved. It is considered the biggest and most significant event in Riyadh and is a combination of various Arabian cultures, foods and music. This is definitely something to see if you are in the region at the right time and offers a fantastic insight into Arabian culture.