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The year 2000 saw Brussels transform its tired buildings and streets to embrace its stint as European Capital of Culture, and Belgium has never looked back. The regeneration provided the city with a new spirit and established the city as a thriving tourist hotspot once more. The city’s multicultural blend enriches the café culture, extraordinary fine cuisine, pub scene and beautiful Art Nouveau architecture. Every June, around the summer solstice, Brussels is taken over by the Fête de la Musique, and this is when you can truly experience its multicultural music scene.

The Grand Place Square hosts the opening evening concerts, then every single music genre is on offer in a variety of key venues in Brussels. The atmosphere is chilled and laissez-faire, a trait mastered by the Belgians from centuries gone by.

Of course we cannot mention Brussels without mentioning the wealth of chocolatiers on offer. Laurent Gerbaud’s shop and atelier on Ravenstein Street, found in the middle of the historic centre just in front of the Fine Arts Palace, is a must-visit for anyone remotely interested in experiencing an Orient-inspired myriad of divine chocolate, fruit and spices.

Serious chocolate lovers can take their passion one step further by embarking on Brussels Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop, a four-hour experience which includes free samples and a lesson from a Master Chocolatier.

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