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Ring the Chimes of the Liberty Bell


'With love Philadelphia' is an annual festival that does not just feature good beer and other delights, but which is also an excuse for Philadelphians to welcome visitors and showcase their spectacular city.

US Airways operate daily flights, which take around seven hours 45 minutes, to Philadelphia from Manchester Airport. Philadelphia is home to good eating; the famous Philly sandwich comes from here and 'Shanks Original Pier 40' is probably one of the best places to sample this truly American snack.

Another Philadelphian feature is the 'Liberty Bell.’ The city is famous for being the birthplace for ''life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness'' and if you go down to the harbour in the old city, you will be able to see the bell that still symbolises freedom, worldwide. You could also buy a 'City Pass Brochure,' which entitles you to travel throughout the city at reduced rates, making it exceptionally easy and convenient to explore the zoo, the Franklin Institute, The 'Please Touch' Museum or even the Eastern Penitentiary.

If all of this culture gets a bit much why not go shopping? The city has an incredible selection of shops and there is even tax-free shopping on shoes and clothes, though American fashions are pretty competitively priced already. You are spoilt for choice with Philly’s nightlife; you can either be tempted by the incredible selection of tasty eateries or drop in on an authentic American Martini Bar. Some people just like clubbing the night away and if that is the case, Philadelphia is definitely the destination for you.