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The lowest fare found to Mumbai (BOM) was £401 with KLM, the cheapest direct flight was £493 with Virgin, while Business Class was £1702 with Lufthansa. The fares shown here are the lowest flight prices to Mumbai obtained in actual searches by Just The Flight customers. To search and book flights to Mumbai in 2020 and 2021, please enter your requirements and click the search button above.

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Mumbai, Gateway of India

Mumbai is the largest city in India and historically was known as Bombay by most of the world until 1995. The pace of the city is hectic, frenetic and resembles New York City in its hustle and bustle lifestyle. It is a city that is ancient yet modern, exceedingly rich yet achingly poor. Mumbai is also the predominant port city and commercial centre in India. With the advent of Bollywood, it has taken on the mystique and eclectic cosmopolitan air of its sister movie town, Hollywood. The city contains one of the most infamous slum populations ever depicted in movies and documentaries.

Mumbai is a compilation of seven islands brought together by a series of land reclamations. The islands dot the Konkan coastline and were part of the kingdom of Ashoka, the famous Emperor of India. The islands passed through the hands of Hindu rulers, Mohammedans of Gujerat, and the Portuguese. The Portuguese named the conglomeration of islands "Bom Baia" which means "good bay." The islands passed to King Charles II of England as part of a dowry in 1662. The crown leased Bombay in 1668 to the English East India Company for 10 pounds of gold per year. The British ruled India until it gained independence in 1947.

Flights to Mumbai are routed through Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, one of the busiest airports in India and a main international gateway to the country. Flights into Mumbai can be booked through many international airlines such as British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Delta and Lufthansa. Cheap flights to Mumbai can be found on low-cost carriers such as AirAsia.

There are three main seasons in Mumbai - Summer, Monsoon, and Winter. The best time to visit is during the months between November and February. Summer is hot and humid and the monsoon season can bring the city to a standstill due to the heavy rains.

Mumbai is a city built on neighbourhoods created from successive waves of migration. The oldest area of Mumbai is South Mumbai where real estate is as pricey as Manhattan, where the Gateway of India is located, and it is the primary tourist area with upmarket restaurants, bars, museums and art galleries. South Central Mumbai is a white-collar workers' section and is also home to the only zoo and the temple of the city's ruling goddess. North Central Mumbai contains one of the largest Asian slum areas.

The Western Suburbs is home to the Christian community and Mumbai's other downtown area as well as the two airports. Other areas of Mumbai are vast urban sprawls of middle class citizens homes and some of Mumbai's oldest heritage sites.

Mumbai is a melting pot of immigration and it offers a more liberal, multicultural environment than many other cities and areas of India. The majority of buildings in Mumbai were named after Queen Victoria and later the Prince of Wales. After independence was granted, many of the locality names were changed to honour Jawaharlal Nehru, King Shivaji, or his mother. This can be quite confusing because many locations now have multiple names.

There is a lot to see in Mumbai, but for the tourist, the centre of the tourist sites is in South Mumbai. There are rock-cut caves to explore, while colonial buildings within the Fort of St. George bring to life the colonial age, visit the Gateway to India, and then stroll around the area to some of the finest museums in the world. The Prince of Wales Museum and the National Gallery of Art are located in South Mumbai.

There are a few beaches in Mumbai but the dress code is strict, the waters are murky and the currents can be deadly. Better to visit the national park completely contained within the city. The city also boasts the "Hanging Gardens" of Malabar Hill, the Mumbai Port Trust Garden and the Five Gardens in central Mumbai.

Mumbai is worth a visit just for its crowded street markets, the street vendors, and the madness of the crowds. Mumbai is flooded with restaurants offering local traditional fares or an international cuisine. Internet cafes line the streets of Mumbai and it is possible to also explore the Bollywood area with its theatre sets, Indian music and dance, and the local rock venues are well maintained and lively in the evenings.

Slum tours are available and most of the proceeds go to charity. No photographs are allowed but it is a sobering reminder and awakes social consciousness.

Mumbai is an amazing city, vibrant with life and rich in history. It would take a very long time to explore and appreciate all that Mumbai has to offer.

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