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Rome, Coliseum

Rome is the capital city of Italy and home to over 2.7 million residents and covers an area of some 496 square miles. The city is located in the central-west region of Italy on the river Tiber. Flights to Rome allow easy access from all parts of Europe and with tourism being one of its primary industries, the city is a popular destination with visitors either basing their breaks there or taking day trips from other parts of Italy.

Roman tradition suggests that the city was founded by Romulus in 753BC, building the city with his brother Remus, whom he killed following an argument. Although the story is considered a myth, it is an integral tale of the capital's colourful history.

Rome is famous around the world for its architecture and one symbol that epitomises the city is the Coliseum, the largest amphitheatre built during the Roman Empire. The Coliseum itself can seat 60,000 people and was originally used to host gladiatorial tournaments. Organised visits are popular among tourists, both young and old and anyone visiting the city should be sure to see it.

In addition to visiting the Coliseum, there are a multitude of statues located across the city, which are extremely popular among tourists. More recent additions to the list are the talking statues of Rome, which have become popular with the locals because they are a means for people to voice their political and social opinions. The two main talking statues are the Pasquino and the Marforio.

A number of famous bridges cross the river Tiber, linking the various parts of the city, five of which were erected during ancient Roman times. The bridges provide excellent views of Rome, allowing both locals and tourists an excellent spot for romantic rendezvous. Three of the most famous of the bridges are the Ponte Cestio, the Ponte Milvio and the Ponte Nomentano.

East of the river Tiber are the famous Seven Hills of Rome. They are home to various monuments, buildings and parks and are therefore well worth exploring. Other of Rome's beautiful parks and gardens can be easily reached just outside of the main city and they also provide for excellent sight seeing and relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle of the centre of town.

People often take advantage of cheap flights to Rome simply to enjoy the excellent shopping on offer. Although generally not regarded as being of such high quality as Milan, all the major fashion labels can still be found within this beautiful city. If you are specifically looking for designer labels, then head for the area between the Spanish Steps and the Via del Corso. However, if you're simply after souvenirs, these can be found throughout Rome at the many street stalls and market places, which provide an excellent shopping experience in their own right.

'When in Rome, do as the Roman's do' is a very well known phrase and definitely one that should be practiced, especially when it comes to trying some of the local food. Roman cuisine is heavily influenced by ancient Greek culture and traditional Italian restaurants can be found throughout the city. Pizza, pasta and spaghetti are the obvious choices, which are in plentiful supply, but many other lesser-known specialities are also on offer; after all, the people of Rome are passionate about food, so you can be sure of sampling many wonderful dishes during your stay.

Getting around the city, as a tourist, is relatively easy, with a range of transport options available, including a metro system and various bus routes. Both systems are efficient and very reasonably priced. Using the local buses comes highly recommended, as it allows tourists to take in the marvellous architecture during their journey. If you are travelling on foot, one important thing to be aware of is how to cross the roads. When a green man shows on the crossings, although it means it is safe to proceed, it also sometimes allows cars to turn into the road you are crossing. It is very important to be aware and to remember that the rules of the road are not the same as those of many other countries.

There are two main airports, both of which are close to the city and flights to Rome are available from many international airports.

Finally, a brief word about the weather; Rome benefits from a Mediterranean climate, with spring and autumn being mild to warm. On average, summer lasts for around six months, from May to October.

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