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Attending the Jazz Festival of Santiago

SCL, Santiago

In recent years Santiago is a city that has been gradually improving as a tourist destination. It offers some amazing vistas and a wide array of activities for visitors to experience. One aspect of the city, which has already produced a high level of interest internationally, is its music culture. The city is a major hub for global and local fans of jazz, which is embodied by the world famous Festival de Jazz de Providencia. As the name suggests, this is a jazz festival that is highly respected by lovers of the genre in many countries throughout the world.

While being the capital of Chile, Santiago is also the cultural and social centre of the country, thanks to the range of events, restaurants, theatres, museums, bars and other entertainment opportunities it features. In addition to these, this colourful destination also has a thriving café culture that has resulted in it forming a major bond with jazz.

As previously mentioned, the jazz scene in the city is one of the best in the world. Apart from having diverse jazz cafes, the city also holds an annual festival celebrating this style of music. The Festival de Jazz de Providencia is an exceptional event that takes place in the summer season. As Chile is in the southern hemisphere this usually means February. The festival consists of local jazz talent, as well as many international guest artists.

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