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The lowest fare found to Tokyo (TYO) was £415 with China Eastern, the cheapest direct flight was £747 with Aeroflot, while Business Class was £1383 with China Eastern. The fares shown here are the lowest flight prices to Tokyo obtained in actual searches by Just The Flight customers. To search and book flights to Tokyo in 2019 and 2020, please enter your requirements and click the search button above.

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Tokyo Imperial Palace

Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, is located on the eastern side of the main island, to the northwest of Tokyo Bay. The city we know today is a popular tourist destination, hosting a whole range of sights and activities for visitors from around the world on flights to Tokyo.

The city has changed dramatically in recent times, but still offers a rich history of Japanese culture. It originally started life as the small fishing village of Edo. However, in 1603, the sleepy hamlet became the powerhouse of Tokugawa Leyasu, the first shogunate of Japan and his military government. The village soon grew into a large bustling city and by the turn of the eighteenth century was already the nation's cultural and political centre, with a population of over a million.

During the twentieth century, Tokyo suffered two major catastrophes. Firstly, the Great Kanto earthquake, which struck the city in 1923 and secondly the effects of World War Two, when allied bombing raids left thousands of people dead and more than 50% of the city in ruins. Following the war, the city was rebuilt and has gone on to become one the most vibrant and exciting destinations in the modern world. Information about Tokyo's history can be found at the Tokyo National Museum, the oldest and largest museum in Japan.

Tokyo is a city that succeeds in blending both modern and old and because of this it is unlike any other destination on the planet. A visit to Tokyo allows visitors to experience ancient Japanese temples and shrines juxtaposed with modern skyscrapers and technological marvels. A popular historical landmark of Tokyo is the Imperial Palace, home to the Japanese Emperor and his family. Although it was destroyed during the war it was rebuilt, with the work being completed in 1968, to be even more spectacular than before. Excellent views of the palace can be seen from the Nujubashi Bridge. You may wish to consider taking a guided tour of the palace, as this will provide you with extra information and a historical perspective, but be sure you book in advance, as the tours are extremely popular. Getting to the palace is easy as it's only a ten-minute walk from Tokyo railway station.

Another must-see sight is the Tokyo Tower, which was built to a design based on the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The structure has two observation floors that allow for spectacular 360° views across the city. Also contained in the tower is an aquarium, Wax Museum, shopping mall and various restaurants and cafes.

Several national parks are contained within the borders of Tokyo, one of which is the Meiji no Morri Takao Quasi-National Park. This park is located around Mount Takao, a majestic mountain to the south of Hachi?ji. The city's parks provide unique and beautiful places to walk or enjoy a picnic and look particularly majestic during the summer months.

Japan has such a rich culture that it can often be hard to fit everything into one trip. One way of getting the most out of your stay is by visiting one or all, of Tokyo's four national museums; the Tokyo National Museum, the National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art and the National Museum of Science, which together provide an excellent insight into the history and culture of the city and Japan as a whole.

When people think of Japan, they often think of cuisine and rightly so. If you really wish to experience the culture of Tokyo, then eating out in one of the city's many restaurants is a must. Never tried Sushi? Well now is the time to try, as Japan boasts a selection of food, which is internationally acclaimed. Don't forget to tantalize your taste buds with a glass of sake.

Getting around Tokyo is easy, which is not surprising as the city boasts the most extensive mass transit system in the world. Safe, efficient and clean, it can still get confusing, mainly because there are a number of different networks operating within the city, the primary one being the JR Yamanote Line, which provides access to the core of Tokyo's destinations.

Temperatures fluctuate quite considerably in Tokyo, with the coolest month being January, when it can be as low as 2 degrees Celsius. During the summer months the city tends to get very hot, with its warmest month being August, when temperatures can reach as high as 30 degrees Celsius.

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China Eastern Tokyo £415
Alitalia Tokyo £502
Air China Tokyo £505
Aeroflot Tokyo £637
Air France Tokyo £650

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Aeroflot Tokyo £747
Japan Airlines Tokyo £856
Nippon Airways Tokyo £863
British Airways Tokyo £880
Japan Airlines Tokyo £1148

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China Eastern Tokyo £1383
China Eastern Tokyo £1383
Air China Tokyo £1411
Alitalia Tokyo £1828
Lot Polish Tokyo £1830