Berlin Travel Guide

Berlin Travel Guide

Berlin, the once divided German capital set in the heart of the country is a bustling city where grand buildings, museums, restaurants, bars and theatres reflect the new post unification Berlin. An exciting, lively and cultural place to visit


North east Germany


Weather and temperatures in Berlin are similar to the UK. Between May and October are popular times to visit.



Time Difference

GMT +1 hrs

Transfer Time

Berlin has three airports (Tegel, Schonenfeld and Tempelhof) which are all served well by the efficient German public transport system (Train, Bus, Shuttle)


A wide selection of hotels are available in Berlin ranging from pensionen (guest houses) to international five star hotels.


Brandenburg Gate, once the boundary between east and west Berlin (Remains of the Berlin wall are now only visible at the former Prussian provincial parliament building in Niederkirchnerstrasse.) Unter den Linden, Kulturform - a collection of museums and concert halls, KurfĂĽrstendamm, The Palace of the Republic


There are many new shopping centres in Berlin plus smaller shops and independent stores selling a diverse range of merchandise, designer fashions, music and art.


There are many museums and villages and castles to visit in the vacinity of Berlin. Also recommended is the Checkpoint Charlie tour, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirche and the old Stasi HQ


Most restaurants and hotels in Berlin are child friendly and children will enjoy the Berlin zoo and many of the museums.

Getting Around

Berlin has an efficient public transport network and is easy to get around, though if you prefer to drive it it easier than most European cities. Cycling is also popular.