20 Bizarre Insults from Around the World

In every language there are certain phrases that are used by the local population to convey their less than savoury thoughts on a subject, or indeed person. And all too often it is the foreign traveller – with good intentions but naïve to the intricacies of the local language, traditions and culture – that become the unsuspecting targets of such terms!

Never again find yourself helpless to the insults of a local speaking in their mother tongue, with the Just The Flight “20 Bizarre Insults From Around The World” infographic. We have gathered some of the most inventive insults from all over the globe to prepare you for what you may hear.

Whether your looks are being compared to a salad or your grasp of the local language compared to a Spanish cow, it’s always better to know what is being said about you! So check out the infographic below!

Bizarre insults from around the world