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Equatorial Guinea
Equatorial Guinea is mid-African country and one of the most developed states in Africa.

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The Republic of Equatorial Guinea is a country in mid-Africa also known as the “République de Guinée équatoriale”. It is one of the smallest countries in Africa at just over 11,000 square miles and it is also the richest country per capita. It has a population of 600,000 people. It is separated into two regions, one continental, and the other more insular. The continental section contains islands such as Corisco, Elobey Chico, and Elobey Grande. The insular section contains Annobón Island, Bioko Island, and the capital, Malabo. The country’s economy has been boosted by the discovery of petroleum reserves, an event that has given Equatorial Guinea influence in the region. The country has islands, coastal forests, mangroves and a generally hot climate. The main airport is Malabo Airport, also known as Saint Isabel Airport, and is located roughly five miles east of the capital. Since the discovery of petroleum, the airport has expanded and now its main customers are the petroleum industry and conservationists.

Equatorial Guinea is not a tourist destination for the fainthearted due to political upheaval and an economy that does not rely on tourism, but those who do travel there can expect volcanic views, rainforests full of rare animals, shores occupied by sea turtles and wildlife-rich rainforests. Monte Alen National Park is also one of Equatorial Guinea’s more popular sights.