Cheap Flights to South Africa

Cheap flights to South Africa

Travellers flying to South Africa will find a country lush with flora and fauna, as well as buzzing with human energy. The region enjoys a warm climate and is host to some spectacular scenery, much of which is the finest to be seen anywhere in the world. South Africa benefits from a rich, diverse culture and tourists tend to be attracted to its plethora of foods from around the globe. It is set to come to the fore on the worldwide stage when it hosts the 2010 World Cup.

Cape Town

Perhaps most famous for its harbour, Cape Town is a thriving coastal city that enjoys the position of the most popular tourist hotspot in South Africa. Holidaymakers who fly to Cape Town can see the city's Table Mountain and Cape Point landmarks and marvel at its beautiful natural surroundings, as well as enjoy its energetic nightlife.


Sandy Durban consists of Africa's most active port and a multitude of tourist attractions. Travellers looking to catch a flight to Durban do so for its subtropical climate and natural wonders. The city is home to a host of botanical gardens, parks, museums, theatres and more, as well as extensive shopping facilities.


Holidaymakers who fly to Johannesburg will find that they land in a lively city crammed with things to see and do. It enjoys a temperate climate and is famous for its trees, of which there are around six million. Visitors to the city can take in a number of museums, galleries and arts performances, as well as an amusement park outside of the main business district.

Port Elizabeth

Located in Nelson Mandela Bay, this busy city holds numerous attractions for visitors to South Africa. Travellers wanting to hop on a flight to Port Elizabeth should take a look at the Donkin Reserve and the impressive Fort Frederick, among other things. Its waterfront and harbour are set for an upgrade before the World Cup comes to South Africa, potentially making it even more easy on the eyes.