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Chad's capital city has a lively nightlife and bustling market atmosphere.

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Chad is located in Central Africa, to the south of Libya. It shares its borders with Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Libya, Niger, Nigeria and Sudan. The climate is hot, but varies, depending on the location. The south enjoys a tropical climate; while the north is almost entirely desert, with minimal annual rainfall. The country’s terrain is also variable, with arid plains in the centre, dry deserts to the north, mountainous terrain to the northwest and lowlands to the south.

The capital of Chad is N'Djamena, which is also the largest city in the country. N'Djamena International Airport is situated on the outskirts of the city and is the main international server of flights to and from Chad, the UK and other international destinations. Other major cities in Chad are Moundou, Sarh, Abeche and Kelo.

The tourist industry in Chad is growing steadily and there are many reasons why. Some of the most popular tourist destinations in the country include Lake Chad, one of the biggest freshwater lakes in the world; Zakouma National Park, where visitors are able to observe various large mammals, such as lions and giraffes and the National Museum, which is located in N'Djamena. The capital has a vibrant market atmosphere and a lively nightlife, which keeps visitors returning for more each year.

Chad has a strong agriculture industry and the majority of the country’s workers are employed in this sector. The main crops include cotton, sorghum, millet, peanuts, rice, potatoes and tapioca.