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Shipwreck scuba dives and calypso infused festivals are only some of the things you can expect from Barbados

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Offering more than just fun in the sun holidays, the Caribbean island of Barbados can be found northeast of Venezuela in the North Atlantic Ocean. With more than 70 miles (113 kilometres) of beach, sand, and surf, it is easy to see why those who visit do so mainly for the beach experience.

Most people stay at the west end called the Platinum Coast. This is where the high-end resorts and hotels can be found. If you are looking to surf, take your board and head to the east coast where the Atlantic awaits along the undeveloped beaches.

There are many ways to explore the wonders of this natural island. One popular travel option is by jeep tour. The island is full of old sugar mills, plantations houses, and Colonial churches. It is also alive with regular festivities and more than 1,500 rum shops.

In the capital city of Bridgetown, visitors will find the best place to learn about the country’s colonial history. Colonial architecture can be viewed at the Jacobean St. Nicholas Abbey. Here tourists are greeted with well-preserved Persian arches and extensive tropical gardens.

For the diver in your group, be sure to head over to Carlisle Bay along the west coast to check out some of the sunken shipwrecks. Barbados offers more than 30 dive spots around the island. The Chalky Mount Potteries are a famous must-see site. Watch the local potters work the wheel as they create high quality art.