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Visit Libya, a hub of activity history buffs who want to explore their interest further.

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Libya is in North Africa on the Mediterranean Coast and is the 17th largest country in the world. It is also 90% desert or semi desert, meaning the climate is very warm and in some places extreme.

The capital city is Tripoli, which is on the North West coast of the Mediterranean. It is the main hub of activity in the country, including Tripoli International Airport, which has regular flights to various destinations worldwide. History buffs will enjoy the smattering of ancient Roman ruins around the country, with the prime location being Lepcis Magna, just east of Tripoli, which is also a World Heritage site. Ancient Greek ruins are also present in the area of Cyrene. The vast deserts also make for great trekking opportunities, but the conditions mean it would only suit experienced trekkers. Another destination worth considering is the ancient settlement of Ghat, which is home to the Tadrart Acacus and Tassili N'Ajjer mountains, containing prehistoric rock paintings and engravings.

Libya's economy is mainly determined by the export of oil, which makes up for 95% of export earnings. Its mass reserves mean that Libya is one of the richest countries in Africa. With this wealth, the country is seeking to reduce its reliance on oil and there are projects in place looking to improve on the agricultural and tourism sectors.

If you are interested in ancient history and can withstand the temperatures, Libya would make a great destination for your holiday.