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Lent in Tripoli, Libya

TIP, Tripoli

Tripoli, the capital of Libya, is one of the few places in the world where a perfect blend of two distinct cultures can be seen. The destination boasts the perfect amalgamation of Mediterranean and Arab cultures. From the perspective of the tourist, Tripoli is not only a treasure trove of historical ruins and monuments, but also a place where large great pr Lent celebrations can be witnessed. Thanks to the diversity the city, its celebrations are some of the most interesting in the world.

The festival, which is known as Zambo, is held annually and was brought here by a Brazilian immigrant many years ago. As it is a relatively recent innovation, it is obviously not on the same scale as the world famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro. However, the festival is characterised by the residents of the city coming out, en masse, to dance and sing. Throughout the course of the event, tourists will often come across a crowd of Tripoli residents in the streets, wearing bold and daring costumes augmented even further with black, gold and silver coloured body paint. The significance of the colours and costumes is that they represent local traditional dress. In addition, the festival allows visitors to have the perfect window into the social and cultural history of the city and Libya as a whole.

All flights to this destination, regardless of where they originate from, land at the city’s one and only international airport, which is appropriately known as Tripoli International Airport.