Are You a Typical Brit Abroad?

  • It’s holiday time and it couldn’t have come soon enough – the weather’s been crap, last year’s tan has completely faded, and you can barely remember the last time you were able to get pissed 10 nights on the trot. But if you’re a typical Brit abroad it won’t all be plain sailing - you’re bound to encounter challenges in a foreign land.

    For a start, you’ll actually be made to queue to get into the country – don’t they bloody know Her Majesty’s Secretary of State requires that you ‘pass freely without let or hindrance’? And what are they doing driving on the right side of the road?

    But despite the stereotypes about Brits abroad you have learnt a bit of the native language. In fact, you’ve practiced saying ‘parlez-vous anglais’ so much you practically sound like a local. Is that enough to make you atypical? There’s only one way to find out …

    WARNING: contains language and references that some people may find offensive

    OK, got it. I'll Take the Quiz!
  • 1. Are you drunk right now?

  • 2. When you’re on a beach in a foreign country, do you often find people shielding their eyes to protect against the glare from your pale body?

  • 3. Have you ever travelled to America just so you can feel thin and cultured?

  • 4. When you visit another country, how superior do you feel?

  • 5. Let’s assume you’re single for a minute – are you likely to have a holiday romance?

  • 6. What is your first thought entering a country for the first time?

  • 7. Have you ever written off an entire country because of their poor tea selection?

  • 8. You’re in a restaurant in Bratislava. They have four things on the menu: Stuffed Cabbage, Gulasch, Fish and Chips, and Perogies. What do you order?

  • 9. You’re in a pub in a foreign country watching football, when it’s interrupted by a special local news bulletin. What’s your immediate reaction?

  • 10. What's the best place to get engaged?

  • Your Result