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Serbia is a welcoming and beautiful country.

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Serbia is situated in the southern part of central Europe and is one of the famed Balkan states. Part of the former Yugoslavia, Serbia regained full independence in 2006 when it split from Montenegro. Belgrade, the capital of Serbia is one of the largest cities in southeast Europe and is home to the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport.

In the past, Serbia has not been at the top of many people's wish lists to visit. The departure of Slobodan Milosevic and the arrival of democracy has ushered in a change in many people's minds, and now tourists are beginning to take notice of what Serbia has to offer. Most tourists head for the capital, Belgrade, and fall in love with its exciting energy. This city of contrasts will satisfy most visitors with its attractions. Culture vultures will love the architecture and museums, food buffs will be taken with the myriad of restaurants, and those who love to party will dance until they drop in the city's incessant nightlife.

Away from the more cosmopolitan capital city, southern Serbia is proudly traditional. With its rolling hills and verdant valleys alongside vast and rugged mountains it is sure to please the eye. Among the charms of southern Serbia are the ancient medieval monasteries of Manasija, Sopocani, and Studenica. Fans of outdoor pursuits will flock to the mountains of southern Serbia, enjoying hiking in the summer, as well as snowy fun in winter.