Just The Flight launches the Jetter Sweater

It’s no revelation that the airport is a stressful place – what with getting to the location on time, packing the correct clothes for your destination and remembering the vital documentation to board your plane. If this isn’t bad enough documents must be on hand at a moment’s notice – one minute your passport needs to be shown, the next a boarding pass and with no warning both at once.

With all the commotion it is easy for passport and boarding pass to get misplaced, lost or damaged, putting your holiday, business trip or weekend away in serious jeopardy. And you’re not even safe if you’ve kept an eagle eye on your own belongings! In a recent Just The Flight survey it was reported that people who lose their passport are the 2nd biggest cause of annoyance in the airport! There must be an easier way. And now there is…

Introducing the Just The Flight Jetter Sweater – the revolutionary pullover that will transform travel! With the ability to hold your passport and boarding pass on your clothing by using removable Velcro cases, this will refresh your airport experience and reignite your love for travel.

How Does It Work?

The Jetter Sweater consists of two removable Velcro cases, one for your passport and one for your boarding pass, that attach to a stylish pullover.

The passport is kept open at the relevant page so it is never lost and always ready to show. And when you’re done, simply remove the cases and put your documents away, ready for the return trip!

So never again suffer the indignity of searching through your bag when asked to produce your boarding pass in Duty Free (after just having packed and unpacked to get through Security!), nor stand there bemused as a Border Control agent asks for your misplaced passport in a foreign tongue after a long flight.

Getting people to their destination quickly and easily is what we do best at Just The Flight, so we know the difficulty around documentation is a problem that must be solved! And that is exactly why we have launched the Jetter Sweater. No more fuss, no more faffing and no more flights missed because you’ve misplaced your essential paperwork!

Why choose the Jetter Sweater?

  • Keep your passport at the correct page, ready to show at any time
  • Easily show your boarding pass when you need it
  • Practical, stylish and cool
  • Keep your hands free and your documents safe
  • Fly better with the Just The Flight Jetter Sweater!

Having your hands kept busy clutching onto your passport and boarding pass for dear life are now a thing of the past! Browse your favourite goods and hold your coffee without the fear of a misplaced passport ruining your holiday!

Safely and securely keep your passport and boarding pass on-hand with the Jetter Sweater! Breeze through the airport and get to your destination stress-free. The only thing we can’t help with is delays!

We would love to hear your feedback on the Jetter Sweater before commercial release! Email any comments to and prepare to fly better with the Just The Flight Jetter Sweater!

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