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Iraq is home to several ancient sites.

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Iraq is a Middle Eastern nation that shares borders with Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. It is divided into several distinct areas, including a Kurdish region that mostly operates independently. Baghdad, located in the centre of the country, is the nation's capital and a very common destination for tourists due to its number of hotels, shops, and restaurants. Basra, located in the southern portion of the country, is a major historical and cultural centre.

Baghdad International Airport is the main entry point for most travellers. Several regional airlines have regular flights in and out of the airport. Erbil International Airport, in the northern part of the country, services the Kurdish region.

Iraq has a wealth of historical sites that date back to ancient times. Ur is home to the impressive Great Ziggurat, which is a step pyramid. While in ruins, the ancient site of Babylon can be seen. Ninevah, the ancient capital of Assyria, has been partially reconstructed. There are a few noteworthy sights in the capital. One is the zoo, which has a growing collection of animals, and the other is a monument to an unknown soldier. The Kurdish city of Arbil is home to a citadel used by several different civilisations. It also has a Kurdish textile-related museum. You can do quite a bit of shopping for unique items in this location

The country's chief industry is the oil business. This has traditionally supplied the vast majority of the nation's income. However, efforts have been undertaken in recent years to generate economic growth from other industries, mostly with international assistance.