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Visit Festival Nights Metis


A popular event in Conakry, Guinea is the Festival Nights Metis, held in the capital city, Miramas. This is the country's major music festival, which has been steadily gaining international attention. While many of the artists who perform are from Conakry, many are also known internationally. The festival lasts for a week, during the month of June.

There are several different venues for the various performances throughout the city of Miramas. However, all of the concerts are completely free of charge. In addition to local performers and French performers, there is also a good chance of hearing musicians who hail from other countries.

There are special events hosted during the festival in Conakry that allow attendees to interact with the various artists. This helps provide a much better understanding of their work. Many people consider these sessions to be one of the festival's highlights.

There are also workshops that you can attend to learn more about music and perhaps increase your own musical skills. These workshops are led by some of the area's most talented artists who have a desire to share their knowledge with others. After you've attended one of these workshops, you'll have a much better musical understanding than you did previously.

Another highlight of the festival includes free art exhibitions, held at various public areas around the city. These exhibitions incorporate a variety of styles that please art enthusiasts of all kinds. In many cases, the artists have special sessions with the public that enhance the overall experience.