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Melodious Memphis Offers Travellers Plenty to Do

MEM, Memphis

Memphis is known to many as the birthplace of blues music. In fact, till today, the blues music scene is still highly active in Memphis, with many clubs and offering live blues performances. There’s more to Memphis’s distinct culture than just blues music however, which makes it a great destination offering travellers lots of fun.

Did you know that Memphis was home of the late “king of rock n’ roll”, Elvis Presley? The mansion he lived in is one of Memphis’s main attractions. In the mansion, known as “Graceland”, there are lots of things related to Elvis to see, including customised airplanes and an automobile collection. If you happen to be in Memphis in early August, you will find that Memphians observe “Death Week”, culminating in a candlelight vigil to mark the anniversary of his death. Memphians also observe “Birth Week” in January, to mark the anniversary of the birth of Elvis Presley.

A big part of Memphis’s culture is music. You can see this in the Memphis Rock n’ Soul Museum, which exhibits the history of music in Memphis. Here, you can learn about how blues music started in Memphis, and how music in general has shaped Memphis.

The Mississippi River passes through West Memphis. It is best to catch a great view of the magnificent river from Tom Lee Park. A large number of providers have taken advantage of the river. Thus, should you want to take a river tour, there are plenty of providers offering tours of the Mississippi River.

There’s a lot to see and do in Memphis. Whatever you’re looking for, Memphis will not disappoint and should be considered as a destination.