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Enjoy a holiday of fiestas and salsa in Asturias, Spain

OVD, Asturias

For a holiday of castanets, siestas, sombreros and fiestas, make your next destination Asturias, Spain. With so many direct flights, it is a piece of Spanish heaven simply waiting to be explored. The country is famous for many things, and one of these is its fiestas.

Spain celebrates all things great in the form of a fiesta, which loosely translated means the country enjoys a good party. Spanish fiestas are an important part of the local heritage and have been a traditional way to acknowledge milestones, holidays, and history with a great Spanish celebration.

The country is located in the south-west part of Europe and is home to some of Europe’s most precious landmarks. The capital city of Madrid is particularly vibrant and home to many historical treasures. Asturias is a spectacular Spanish city that has been dubbed Green Spain or Spanish Switzerland, with its magnificent lush countryside and spectacular mountains.

If you are looking for a nature setting for your next holiday destination, Asturias is the perfect place. The area is known for its immaculate natural parks and protected countryside. The region is home to three nature parks, one national park, ten protected natural areas, and ten nature reserves.

During the month of September, Asturias celebrates their largest fiesta of the year. The Fiesta of Asturias is an annual event that celebrates the country’s culture and heritage. Expect to see fancy dresses, dancing and more food stalls that you can possible sample, along with an assortment of local music that is sure to have you trying the salsa.