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Carnival in Porto Seguro: Carnaporto

BPS, Porto Seguro

Brazil is famous the world over for its celebrations of Carnival, a festive time which happens right before the beginning of Lent on the Roman Catholic Church calendar. What is not so well-known is that the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is not the only one in the country. Of all the Carnival celebrations in Brazil, the one in the town of Porto Seguro on the Atlantic coastline is unique because of its timing: the city continues to celebrate Carnival over a three-day period just after the festivities have ended elsewhere in Brazil. The citywide party here is known across Brazil as Carnaporto.

This annual event makes Porto Seguro an ideal holiday destination for tourists who are fans of the wild celebrations that characterise the Brazilian version of Carnival. Visitors can enjoy the celebrations in Rio first, and then have a pleasant day's drive or train ride to Porto Seguro where the party is just getting started.

Many of the events take place at Taperapuan Beach, where the colossal structure known as Axé Moi has room for thousands of people eager to enjoy the music and dancing put on for Carnaporto. Besides timing, other advantages of attending Carnaporto are affordability and safety. Porto Seguro, a name which translates as "safe port," is known across Brazil as a Carnival destination where tourists do not experience the same kinds of problems they might have in larger cities.