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The Damascus International Film Festival

DAM, Damascus

Damascus, apart from being the capital of Syria, also holds the distinction of being the country’s largest city; in fact it is the focal point of most activities in the country. The most notable characteristic of this destination is that it is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the whole world. As a result, it also has the medieval charm that many other cities lack. Despite this, Damascus has not failed to embrace modern developments, a great example being the annual Damascus International Film Festival.

Even though it is primarily the medieval charm that is the main draw for the majority of tourists that take flights to this Middle East destination, a significant number of visitors also go there to enjoy the Damascus International Film Festival. This popular event is regarded as one of the most well supported international film festivals in the region and one of the key aims of its organiser’s is to make the Syrian film industry accessible to the world. The international film festival has now taken on a more significant role as it has begun to attract entries from other Arab countries, the Asian movie industry and even Latin American productions.

The significance of the capital city of Syria to tourists is incomparable to many others, mainly thanks to its rich history and the fact that it is the host to one of the most respected international film festivals in the world; the Damascus International Film Festival.