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National Wine Festival in Chisinau City of Kishinev

KIV, Kishinev

Kishinev, a city destination in the Moldavian region of Chisinau, welcomes tourists each October for the celebration of the National Wine Festival, an event which takes place all across the nation. An ancient tradition, the wine festival celebrates that time of year when the new wine made for the season has finished fermenting. Wine makers present their excellent products for tasting by residents and visitors alike.

Though the tradition is an ancient one, the National Wine Festival as a modern celebration has been in effect since 2002. This was when National Wine Day was finally declared to be an annual celebration and to take place on the second Saturday in October each year. This date is the same day as the annual Chisinau Day celebration. This means that whole towns across the region are out in force to celebrate the culture and wine making heritage of Moldova. These towns include Kishinev.

Foreign tourists flock to the festival destination to enjoy the events taking place in the city's town square. The celebration begins with a parade put on by the various wine makers in the region. Afterwards, for two to three days, national dishes are served and traditional songs and dances are performed. To enjoy the best of the region, tourists should book flights to Kishinev in early October and plan to stay a week or two. National Wine Day is very popular with foreign tourists, so visitors from abroad should take care to book ahead.