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Timisoara - Romania’s Revolutionary City

TSR, Timisoara

The city of Timisoara in western Romania is as cosmopolitan as they come, but it has not always been that way; residents recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the revolution which led to the downfall of President Nicolae Ceausescu.

The celebrations that commemorated the historic event were marked by film screenings showing the events from December 1989, and talks from news reporters who shared details of what they went through during the week-long mass protests. These protests were the catalyst to the chain of events that led to the communist regime of President Ceausescu being overthrown and the beginning of democracy across the entire country. The revolution is an event so recent that visitors to the destination of Timisoara will easily be able to find residents who are able to give them first-hand accounts of the remarkable events of 20 years ago.

Timisoara is a city with a burgeoning arts scene, holding festivals throughout the year that celebrate the music, films and drama associated with the region. There are seven universities in the city, and nightlife to match. Its theatrical roots are highlighted every December when there is a week-long festival of performances and exhibitions that re-enact and commemorate the revolution and the subsequent fall of communism in Romania. These events make an ideal starting point for visitors who wish to learn more about a city which has stunning architecture, beautiful parks and an eclectic multi-cultural population.

Delve deeper into the rich history of Timisoara and you will find how the bloody revolution has helped to shape the landscape of this 700-year-old destination.