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Tunis, Tunisia is a popular destination for many reasons

TUN, Tunis

The popular holiday destination of Tunis, Tunisia is a place known to have something for everyone. It is a place to indulge in all sorts of activities that include windsurfing, sailing, diving and golfing. It is also the place to just sit back and take in your holiday surroundings while enjoying a little sun.

This perfect African destination sits along the beaches of the Mediterranean. There are many historical monuments and city remains that can be taken in for those in need of culture. There are also the sand dunes and other various desert trips for those who feel the need to venture out and do something different. If you’re in the mood for local shopping, find your way to a medina or souk where you can spend all day walking through the maze of stalls.

Tunis celebrates many events throughout the year but the most important of them is Ramadan. In November, locals take a break from eating in order to commemorate this religious time. In February, Tunis is an ideal destination for those who want to participate in the annual Kaala-Kebira Olive Tree Festival. There is a similar festival held in April called the Nabeul Orange Blossom Festival. This is when the local tribesmen arrive to participate in the five day event that involves a variety of camel races, equestrian games and other activates. It is a festival that should not be missed.