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Varadero, Cuba resort complex in the Caribbean

VRA, Varadero

Varadero, Cuba is unlike the rest of the country in that it offers a resort community including 20km of white sandy beach. There are more than 50 flights per week from the UK to this destination, and over 50 hotels line the coast for tourists. Sun, sea, and sand are the three main ingredients of Varadero tourism.

Irene Dupont is credited with starting the beach resort complex in Varadero. Dupont spent many years in the 1930s building and holidaying in an art deco mansion called Xanadu. The view from the mansion is blessed with ocean views and a golden beach. Soon after Dupont built his mansion, Al Capone and President Batista moved into Varadero, quickly followed by anyone with money around the world, including Canadians and residents of the United Kingdom. Unlike other cities in Cuba, Varadero is not off limits to Cubans. Instead, the city allows for a mixture of ethnicities, which enables Varadero to provide a picture of everyday Cuban life.

Learning about other cultures is just one part of a trip to Varadero. Another top attraction is the Delfinario, which is a water park with the main attraction being the dolphin pool. Adults and children can swim with dolphins, watch performances, and learn about the species. At least five of the dolphins were born in captivity as part of the Delfinario Park. Three shows are hosted daily, and there are ice creams, beverages and snacks for visitors to enjoy.