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The Norwegian Food Festival

AES, Aalesund

Every year in late August, the Norwegian Food Festival takes place in Alesund, where it draws in thousands of visitors. The festival aims to provide food and inspire new development and recruitment for professionals and those who are interested in food generally.

In the mid 1980's, some farmers discovered that when they met for large events, it was centred on buying and selling machinery. There was no focus on the quality of food that the farmers produced. They arranged a Food Day that focused on the food items created in their hometown, and this day has since been named The Norwegian Food Festival.

The festival is Norway's oldest and most distinctive food festival, during which the town of Alesund offers tourists a whole week full of Scandinavian cuisine of all varieties. There are food and wine seminars, three-hour cupcake courses, food tasting sessions, barbecues, beer tents, and outdoor concerts.

The whole atmosphere of the Norwegian Food Festival is buzzing with many unique displays coming from producers who have travelled from around the world to attend. There are also competitions held in which the top chefs from all over the country arm themselves with frying pans and cutlery in order to cook to win the King's Trophy. The competition's aim is to encourage greater use of home kitchens across the country.

Also represented at the Norwegian Food Festival are environmental agencies, agriculture organizations, and fisheries, as well as the processing industry and a number of professional chefs.