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Oslo Plays Host to the World's Largest Overnight Regatta

OSL, Oslo

Oslo is not a cheap destination, but with a number of airlines offering budget fares to the city and plenty of attractions, it is still a holiday destination that is worth considering.

Oslo is the capital of Norway and has a number of renowned museums, monuments and parks. Its relaxed atmosphere makes it a rewarding destination for tourists. Throughout the year, Oslo holds a number of events. Perhaps one of the most spectacular of these is the Faerderseilasen that takes place in June and is held in Oslo’s harbour. It is the largest overnight regatta in the world. Each year more than 1,100 boats take part in the race, which starts in Oslo harbour from where the boats head south to the Faeder lighthouse. Having reached the lighthouse the boats return to Horten. Norway holds a number of yacht races, but this is by far the most spectacular and it seems that the entire sailing population of the country take part.

On the completion of the race, there is a great feast with much drinking. There are no prizes but the competitors take part to enjoy the atmosphere of the event and the feasting and drinking that goes on through the long Norwegian summer night.

The race was first held in 1947 and, since then, it has grown immensely in popularity and participation. Today, spectators can see some of the most spectacular and luxurious recreational boats in the North Atlantic region as well as their skilled crews and affluent owners.