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Scuba Diving in Freeport

FPO, Freeport

The Bahamas are a coveted dive spot and one of the most popular destinations in the world. Azure lagoons, clear turquoise water and a bevy of diverse sea life create the perfect recipe for scuba diving retreats.

A holiday in Freeport is not complete without a diving experience for the adventurous. Freeport boasts some of the Caribbean’s most exciting shipwreck dives, which add an historic and eerie aspect to the experience. Freeport dive companies also offer tours that include underwater shark dives and dolphin dives. Dive schools throughout the city offer education and group dives to suit all experience levels, from beginners to experienced divers.

Dive holidays in the Bahamas are becoming increasingly popular amongst divers from around the world as the word spreads of this beautiful destination. The warm waters, beautiful sunshine and the diversity of underwater life found here give it a high reputation amongst divers. Underwater photography here is an art form and will give visitors a chance to bring back a unique remembrance of their time in Freeport.

The Grand Bahama Island is the point of entry for cruise lines and visitors to the islands from around the globe. This also makes it the perfect place to stay while enjoying underwater dive expeditions. Participants can expect to admire a riot of colourful underwater sea life, corals and rare plant life in the warm, clear waters of the Bahamas while scuba diving in Freeport.