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Jonkoping is the DreamHack Venue

JKG, Jonkoping

Jonkoping’s Elmia exhibition centre will once again host DreamHack’s giant LAN party. The 2011 summer meeting is scheduled for June, but for those who can’t make it this time, the winter party will take place in November at the same venue.

DreamHack’s LAN party is a gathering of computer aficionados who meet bi-annually at this destination and form a giant local area network (up to 10,455 connected for the Guinness World Record), with plenty of competitions, demonstrations and gaming on offer. The gathering is BYOC (bring your own computer) and participants have to qualify to take part in the finals at Jonkoping.

DreamHack is a Swedish invention that began as a meeting of schoolmates and friends, and grew to become of major importance to the economy of Jonkoping. In 2007, the founders received a diploma of honour from the Jonkoping municipality for contributions to business, education and society.

The Summer and Winter festivals take place over four days and during that time, the focus is on anything that can be done with computers. All events are alcohol- and drug-free, but energy drinks are popular and food and beverage restaurants and kiosks are open 24 hours a day, with music and magic shows laid on.

In addition to the LAN party, there is the DreamExpo, where computer companies can display the latest in hardware, gaming and gadgets along with competitive shoot-outs. E-Sport enthusiasts are also catered for at this destination with a mixture of individual and team racing, fighting and individual games and competitions. Finals are played before thousands of spectators.