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Lamezia Tango Music Festival

Lamezia-Terme, Italy

Come join Lamezia-Terme’s celebration of tango at the annual Lamezia Tango Music Fest.

The festival takes place in the old town of Lamezia, surrounded by its beautiful historic buildings and sights. The festival combines the charm of Lamezia-Terme and its rich history with the vibrant culture of tango. It aims to bring the spirit and festivity of tango to Lamezia and anyone who wants to come out and join in.

The festival includes more than just dance. It also has plenty of live music, all of which is inspired by tango. There are also theatre and art events related to tango. The events combine entertainment and learning, bringing both the playful and sensual aspects of tango to guests. Of course, there is also plenty of learning on hand. The festival is filled with workshops for anyone of any skill level who wants to learn or practice the art of tango.

Lamezia’s love of tango spreads well beyond the borders of the city, however. The festival often brings in international guests and performers to showcase their work. This includes theatrical works and joint projects between people of many countries who have come together to celebrate their love of tango. The festival also brings in musicians from all over the globe to play concerts throughout the festival. Many go back to the roots of the genre to find the inspiration for their music.