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Dunedin celebrates Cadbury chocolate with a carnival


For over a decade the Dunedin Cadbury Chocolate Carnival has taken place with a programme of events to entertain and amuse. The week-long series of entertainment will take place at various locations around Dunedin. There will be chocolate decorating, a chocolate dessert competition and many other events that are all themed around chocolate.

The Dunedin Cadbury Chocolate Carnival will start towards the end of July and includes many events including the famous Cadbury Jaffa Race that is held on the steepest road in Dunedin, Baldwin Street. For this race, a collection of giant Cadbury jaffas are numbered and rolled down the street, with the first five to arrive at the bottom declared winners.

The event is organised by Cadbury and, as there is a factory site located in Dunedin, the second Cadbury world attraction was opened in 2003. The attractions inside the visitor centre have been renovated and there are a few different tours around the centre, including a factory tour and a centre tour.

From the United Kingdom, Dunedin is a destination that is far away and it will be a long journey. Dunedin International Airport is around 22km south west of the city and there are a number of direct flights from the United Kingdom, though there would be a number of stops along the way.

As a destination that has everything that is chocolate, many of the hotels that are available in Dunedin are close to the Cadbury World facility.