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Kaliningrad Offers Fresh and Unique Perspectives to Travellers

KGD, Kaliningrad

The city of Kaliningrad is an interesting one, with a rich history dating back to the 13th century. However, under the regime of the Soviets, Kaliningrad was under a highly militarised zone, making it impossible for travellers to visit. When the USSR collapsed, Kaliningrad was opened to the public once more, allowing travellers to visit this unique, special destination still relatively untouched by the forces of globalisation.

Before the Second World War, Kaliningrad was actually a part of Germany, known as Konigsberg. However, when Germany lost the war, the USSR annexed Konigsberg and renamed it Kaliningrad. One of the few remnants of German rule in Kaliningrad is the Bunker Museum, located in a bunker used as the command centre during the battle in this city in 1944. The bunker museum showcases the city’s German’s past, which lasted for over 600 years. Another relic of the city’s German past is the old Konigsberg Cathedral, constructed in 1333.

Having been untouched for many decades, Kaliningrad remains a relatively unspoiled city, and that can be seen even around the city. Trek in the unspoiled forests around Kaliningrad, such as the Curonian Spit National Park, which is a national park stretching all the way to the Lithuanian-Russian border. Featuring unique landscape such as sand dunes up to 70m high and lush, green forests filled with diverse flora and fauna, this national park is definitely worth a place on any traveller’s itinerary.

Kaliningrad is a special and unique city with a distinct character from other cities, which travellers have only begun to discover recently. For the traveller looking for something different, Kaliningrad makes for a great destination.