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Gateway to Sicily through Reggio Calabria Italy

REG, Reggio Calabria

When thinking of Italy, Venice or Rome immediately comes to mind. Italy is a large country with many exciting destinations such as Reggio Calabria. The Reggio Calabria or Reggio di Calabria is a launching point for ferries travelling to Sicily. It is also the location of the Bronzi di Riace.

Located at The Bronzi di Riace are two famous full-size Greek bronzes of nude bearded warriors which were cast about 460–430 BCE and are 205cm and 198cm in height. The statues were discovered in 1972 and have remained in Reggio Calabria as perfect examples of Greek and Hellenic art. The permanent home of the bronzes is at the National Museum of Magna Grecia. Renovations in 2011 have provided a temporary location at Palazzo Campenella.

Besides the bronzes, the province has the seaside promenade as its most spectacular sight in the evening. This is when it is packed with passengers arriving back from Sicily and the orange lights shine across the waters of the Straits of Messina.

Reggio Calabria is home to one annual event, the Festival dello Stretto, which is a music festival offering popular Italian bands and special guests such as Peppe Voltarelli and Quartaumentata canta de Andre. Every year the festival showcases new bands and special guests, providing music from the south. The festival is held in either August or September. Other festivals at this destination are held throughout the year, although not all these are annual events. Some of the events are street fairs, with music and food.