Emirates Guide

Emirates Guide

Now with almost 25 years of experience under their belt, Emirates has come a long way from its first flights out of Dubai, which were managed with only two aircraft.

Wholly owned by the government of Dubai, the airline has become an international carrier that is able to compete with other airlines that have been in business for decades.

Emirates History & Information

Emirates is the national airline of Dubai, operating from its hub at Dubai International Airport. While being owned by the government of Dubai, Emirates functions as an independent business entity. This has been true almost from the date of the airline's first flights. Beginning on the 25th October 1985, Emirates took off with only two aircraft at its command – an Airbus 300B4 and a Boeing 737 that was under lease.

Emirates Routes

Just fewer than 700 flights leave Dubai each week, carrying passengers to various destinations across six continents. Cairo, Kuwait City, Singapore, Hong Kong and naturally Dubai are some of the destinations Emirates serves throughout Asia.

Emirates also fly a number of routes across Africa, with destinations including Johannesburg, Cape Town and Nairobi among others. The Airline extensively serves Europe and the Americas as well as various destinations throughout Australasia.

While already impressive, Emirates is looking to further increase the number of flights in and out of Dubai International Airport, as well as the number of destinations served by those flights. Travellers would do well to watch this airline as it continues to grow and serve an ever-increasing clientele.

The Emirates Fleet

From its humble beginnings, the airline has grown consistently, with over 137 aircraft serving over 100 different destinations spread across 60 countries. Currently, Emirates continues to make use of a combination of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, including the Boeing 777 and Boeing 747-8F.

Emirates passengers can enjoy exceptional First Class travel, with comfortable sleeper seats that include an advanced hand-held controller allowing passengers to adjust their seat according to preference.

Business Class passengers can benefit from many of the comforts of First Class, with the addition of lie-flat seats on selected routes, as well as laptop charging, phone, SMS and access to Email.

For passengers that require a more private, personal experience, Emirates now offers private suites on selected aircraft, with individual storage space, personal mini bar and even a vanity desk and coat closet. As if that isn't already enough, private suites also include a 23" wide-screen LCD screen with over 600 channels to choose from.

Business Class passengers can benefit from lie-flat seats on selected routes, as well as laptop charging, phone, SMS and Email.

Additional Information

Part of the reason for Emirates' success is their strong commitment to providing service of all types. The overall business includes one of the best cargo divisions of any airline, as well as a destination management and leisure division that is among the best in the world. Passengers who fly Emirates are immediately at ease, knowing they will be treated with both warmth and respect that exceeds the efforts of many other airlines.

The crowning glory of Emirates is the excellent in-flight service provided to passengers. Regardless of the class, anyone on an Emirates flight will feel well provided for. Professional yet courteous crew members are happy to answer questions and do whatever they can to help passengers feel comfortable for the entire flight.

Almost from the very beginning, the airline has been recognised with a number of awards for their exceptional passenger care, as well as the quality of the accommodation and cuisine provided on each and every flight.

In an age when many airlines provide meals that are less than satisfying, Emirates has maintained a reputation for offering cuisine that is on a level with an upmarket restaurant. For passengers who are in the air for several hours, the benefit of a well-planned and pleasant meal can make all the difference in the perception of the overall service.

Emirates has shown consistent growth every year since 1985, and shows no signs of slowing down. With new routes announced annually, and orders for new aircraft pending, Emirates is constantly in the process of serving more destinations while still offering a level of service that is hard to find anywhere else.