EasyJet Guide

EasyJet Guide

A relatively new airline, EasyJet has grown a great deal since its formation in 1995. With the aid of a carefully executed growth plan involving timed expansions and acquisitions, the airline has become known for its low cost flights while offering passenger comfortable seating, flights that are on time and pleasant staff who are quick to respond to any concerns or queries from customers. During 2009, EasyJet reached a milestone; carrying a total of 45.2 million passengers, making it the second largest low cost carrier in the country behind Ryanair. The launch of strategic partnerships for cost effective hotel accommodation and holiday packages has helped to enhance the reputation of the airline making it the carrier of choice for business as well as recreational travellers.

EasyJet History & Information

EasyJet is headquartered in Hangar 89, a facility that is found at the London Luton Airport. A larger hub is located at Gatwick, which provides a total of 63 destinations on the EasyJet list. Other bases have been strategically placed on the continent with hubs and bases found in Berlin, Milan, Paris and Rome. This strategic placement of hubs has made it much easier for EasyJet to offer quick and reliable international flights as well as maintain an intricate network of short term flights all over the United Kingdom.

One of the ingenious ways that EasyJet has gained a prominent public profile in such a short time has been its successful television broadcasts on the ITV network. The programme, entitled Airline, allowed viewers to follow events at the airline's home base in London as well as other bases of operation elsewhere. Easy public recognition via this media event has proven to enhance the reputation of the airline as being practical, low cost, but still very responsive to passenger needs and wants.

EasyJet Routes

EasyJet provides a total of 103 flights to domestic and international locations; therefore, allowing the airline to provide services to passengers travelling to a total of 27 different countries. These include regular flights to key points in Europe as well as to the northern portion of Africa.

Among the international locations served by EasyJet are Geneva International in Geneva, Switzerland, Malpensa Airport in Milan, the Charles de Gaulle International Airport in Paris and the Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport in Rome. Domestically, the airline offers quick and easy service to and from locations around the United Kingdom such as Belfast International, Bristol, East Midlands, Manchester and Newcastle, in addition to the London operations.

EasyJets main focus is covering Europe, which it serves extensively, with flights to Madrid, Barcelona, Lyon, Milan, Rome, Prague, Athens and Istanbul among others.

The EasyJet Fleet

EasyJet currently makes use of Airbus aircraft to provide service to its clients. Aircraft such as the Airbus A319-100, A320-200 and A321-200 compose the bulk of the aircraft used for domestic and international flights. The majority of the aircraft employed by the airline are relatively new - giving the fleet an average age of just over three years.

As can be expected with a budget airline, EasyJet flights are composed of single class accommodation using a high-density configuration to make the most efficient use of the available cabin space. Seating space was optimised on several aircraft by reducing the size of the galley area and locating lavatory facilities in space at the rear of the cabin area that would otherwise be considered useless space. While this arrangement made it possible for EasyJet aircraft to accommodate more passengers in a single flight, it also necessitated the addition of two more over wing exits, allowing for quick and efficient escape from the craft in the event of an emergency.

Additional Information

Since Easyjet specialises in quick flights at affordable prices, there are no complimentary meals or beverages offered. Passengers may purchase a range of food and drink items from what is known as the EasyJet Bistro. This is a buy on board programme that allows passengers to select from a variety of cold and hot sandwiches, soft drinks, hot coffee and tea and a limited selection of hot meal items. Alcoholic beverages are also available on most flights.

In the way of entertainment, all flights offer access to headsets for listening to various audio programming as well as silent comedies on the shorter flights. Some of the longer flights will feature motion pictures as part of the entertainment options. Reading material including EasyJet's in-flight magazine is also available to passengers at no extra charge.