Cheap Flights to Germany

Germany offers cosmopolitan city tours, relaxing country breaks, or exciting winter sporting facilities to travellers to this beautiful European country.

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Germany presents visitors with a wealth of modern cities, atmospheric castles, and stunning European countryside guaranteeing an unforgettable trip. From luxury hotels and fine restaurants to modern camping sites and friendly hostels Germany is the perfect destination, whatever your budget.

International flights land in most of the major cities from where travellers can make easy connections to ongoing destinations. Transport systems in Germany are superb with efficient local bus, tram or underground networks in most cities and fast and comfortable trains to facilitate travel across the country.

The capital city of Berlin in the east of Germany offers a cosmopolitan experience with luxury shops, a vibrant nightlife, and more museums and galleries than can be seen in one trip. Enjoy a modern city break here on foot or by bicycle, or learn about its cold war history at the famous landmarks of the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, and the remains of the Berlin Wall.

Be sure to sample the best German wines by taking a vineyard tour or make a visit to one of the many breweries and taste the local beers. Autumn visitors can enjoy the lively beer festivals as part of the world famous ‘Oktoberfest’ and over Christmas sip warming mulled wine whilst strolling through a ‘Christingle’ market.

Heading south, visitors will enjoy a more relaxed way of life in Bavaria with a warm welcome in the charming town of Munich. Discovering the stunning scenery of the lush Black Forest or enjoy alpine walking and climbing in the summer or skiing and snowboarding in the winter.