Vietnam Airlines Flights and Routes

Vietnam Airlines
Vietnam Airlines has expanded its routes to include London Gatwick.

Vietnam Airlines

The national airline of Vietnam operates domestic flights to 20 Vietnamese destinations, as well as serving over 40 international routes to Asia, Europe, North America and Australia.

Vietnam Airlines has introduced new routes that include non-stop flights to the UK, along with the west coast of the United States. The national carrier of Vietnam had previously only operated flights to three destinations in Europe, but has now added London to its timetable.

The airline’s president, Mr Pham Ngoc Minh confirmed that Vietnam Airlines will fly into London’s Gatwick from both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The company will be operating a total of four flights per week, two from Ho Chi Minh City and two from Hanoi. These routes will be in addition to those it is already operating to Europe, to Frankfurt, Paris and Moscow. The London flights are timed to land at Gatwick early in the morning and depart later the same morning back to Vietnam; timings that should be convenient for the majority of passengers. The new London route will be flown by the company’s Boeing 767-200 aircraft.

Vietnam Airlines has also added three flights per week from the capital city of Hanoi to Taiwan’s south-western city of Kaohsiung, using an Airbus A321; the flight will take approximately two and a half hours. These additional services are aimed at helping the airline enhance its competitiveness and expand its business base. They will also go a long way to strengthening its presence in the region. The Hanoi to Kaohsiung flights will bring the total number of direct flights from Vietnam to the island of Taiwan to 28.

Vietnam Airlines is a member of SkyTeam