United Airlines Guide

United Airlines Guide

United Airlines began life as Boeing Air Transport in 1926, becoming United Airlines in 1934. Started in the state of Illinois, the airline maintained its headquarters in Elk Grove through 2009, and plans on completing a move to the Willis Tower in Chicago during 2010. The network for the airline extends to sites throughout the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, Australia, and the Middle East. As a member of the Star Alliance, United is expanding services to create a presence on every continent other than Antarctica.

United Airlines History & Information

Initially based at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, the airline also maintains and operates a hub at San Francisco International, as well as passenger hubs at Denver International and Los Angeles International. Washington DC's Dulles International is also the site of a hub for the airline.

United Airlines Routes

United covers almost all of the United States, providing regular flights to and from most of the major population centres. In addition to the hubs maintained at Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Denver, United also serves Tucson International in Arizona, Tampa International and Miami International, and Orlando International in Florida, and Hartsfield-Jackson International in Atlanta.

Flights to and from McCarran International in Las Vegas, Kansas City International in Kansas City, and Louis Armstrong International in New Orleans are also offered by United. All in all, the airline offers service to 73 different locations around the United States, making it one of the most commonly utilised airlines in the country.

Far and away, United is one of the most popular ways to get to Hawaii. With a presence at the Honolulu International Airport as well as Kahului Airport and Kailua-Kona International, the airline routinely flies millions of travellers to and from Hawaii each year.

In addition to the USA, United also offers services in other parts of the Americas. Canada's three principal airports, Vancouver International, Toronto International, and Calgary International all offer regular United flights. In Mexico, United serves Cancun International as well as Mexico City International.

United also offers international flights to a number of locations, many of them direct flights. For travellers headed for Japan, United has flights to and from Kansai International in Osaka, as well as Narita International in Tokyo. When it comes to China, United provides services to Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai. Charles de Gaulle International in Paris, Munich International and Frankfurt International in Germany and Heathrow International in London are also included. With over 43 international flights, there are very few areas of the world that United does not cover.

The United Airlines Fleet

United offers some of the most comfortable flights of any airline in the world. With aircraft like the Boeing 777-200 and the 747-400 as two examples of the fleet, the airline is capable of providing accommodation and in-flight amenities that are difficult to match. With several different classes of seating, United offers something for everyone.

United First offers flat bed seats that can recline to up to 180 degrees, as well as access to the First Class and Red Carpet lounges at selected airports. This level of service also includes five course meals on selected flights, as well as personal video screens for each seat. There are also power ports for laptops, high quality headsets that filter out all types of noise, and pillows and blankets that offer the ultimate in comfort and warmth.

United Business offers many of the same amenities, offering high quality cuisine on international flights. There is access to all Red Carpet lounges, as well as expedited luggage handling. Laptop ports, personal video screens, and amply configured seats are also part of this traveller class.

United Economy is the ideal way to manage comfort on a budget. Seating is within industry standards, but equipped with a personal television and an adjustable headrest. Many economy flights are provided on Boeing 737s, and come with free meals. An Economy Plus programme allows members to enjoy seats with some additional leg room.

Additional Information

United is an airline that is always looking forward. Plans to upgrade existing aircraft over the next several years are in place, with the older crafts scheduled for retirement as newer Boeing models are made available. The airline is constantly evaluating membership packages for frequent flyers, and finding ways to make the travel experience even better. Some of the innovations in recent years are additional self check-in kiosks at more airports, opportunities to earn additional flyer miles through various programmes, and expedited luggage check procedures.