Aeroflot Flights and Routes

Aeroflot has gone a step ahead in assuring customer satisfaction and this seems to be the trend for the future.


Aeroflot offers daily flights to Moscow and 2 weekly direct flights to Tokyo & often offers the best London-Moscow return fares

Staying connected has always been important in the corporate world. However people flying to destinations on business have always found it a setback not being able to stay connected while onboard a flight.

While people travelling for pleasure do not mind it so much, the corporate traveller’s ultimate dream has been to stay connected 24/7. This has resulted in many airlines introducing onboard connectivity for its customers. A first among this category is the Aeroflot. Aeroflot has introduced onboard mobile calls along with message services starting on Christmas Eve. This service is available onboard the Airbus A321. This aircraft is mainly used for mid-haul journeys. Aeroflot however intends to use the A330 on the trans-continental routes very soon. Using Megafon as its supplier, Aeroflot provides its customers with the convenience of making calls on board the flight. Megafon is well known as one of Russia’s major phone service providers. It has a 52 million subscriber base. However, they do not offer Wi-Fi services for laptops yet. Aeroflot introduced this facility onboard free of cost so that its customers can enjoy and experience it at no added expense. This facility remained free of charge until the month of February. New rate cards are however yet to be released by Aeroflot very soon. Aeroflot has thus gone a step ahead in enriching its customer’s overall experience onboard. Corporate travellers will love this new facility as it allows them to stay in touch with their offices en route to their destination. People travelling for pleasure will also benefit by being able to stay in touch with their loved ones back home.

Aeroflot is a member of SkyTeam